Creating & Preserving Wealth Through Real Estate

Real estate capital and investment opportunities are becoming widely popular, creating a strong demand for professional consultation that adheres to the standards of local and global investors. 

As full-service real estate investment consultants, Gatehouse Capital's main goal is to offer customized investment and asset management solutions designed to help clients preserve, protect and grow their holdings.

Benefits of a Global Vision

Gatehouse Capital’s global perspective is critical for investors for two main reasons: 

  1. It enables us to bring our clients exceptional returns on investment directly from the global real estate markets;

  2. Utilizing our vast knowledge of the local market, we match the best investment opportunities with the right assets at the right time.

The Advantages of Our Investment Advisory:

  • In-depth, extensive local investor knowledge.

  • Rigorous and diligent process that filters out unsuitable opportunities

  • Established transaction structuring process, ensuring risks are understood, mitigated where possible and reported to investors.

  • Investment advisory and co-investment transaction opportunities that underscore shared values in delivering the expected return on investment for our clients

  • Investment advisory based on Shariah-compliant practices to ensure ethical conduct throughout the investment cycle and to conform with the client's values or belief system

These advantages along with our international exposure uniquely position us as a true leader in the real estate investment advisory business.

Key Contact

Khaled S. Arikat

Executive Vice President 

Wealth Management

Mohammed Al-Duhaim

Senior Vice President 

Wealth Management

Mohammad Saleh Al-Yousef

Senior Vice President

Wealth Management


Over the years and throughout our extensive track record, we have developed a unique methodology that allows us to identify emerging trends and explore the most attractive investment opportunities as they arise.

By measuring global economic, corporate and political influences, we can assess their possible influence on the outlook for international real estate market. We then select assets for our clients' portfolios based on detailed analysis and the support of our close partnerships with associates who operate in leading financial centers across the US and UK.

Key Contact

Firas Al-Ayyoubi

Senior Vice President -  Investments

Nada Al-Abduljader

Senior Vice President - 




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Gatehouse Capital is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of the State of Kuwait - the regulatory authority responsible for the development and supervision of investment advisory companies operating in Kuwait.


As a CMA Regulated company, Gatehouse Capital has been subject to a rigorous evaluation. Gatehouse Capital operates by the latest regulations and meets the highest professional and ethical standards.

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