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Corporate Community Engagement

Gatehouse Capital is involved with the community and society at large, generating a positive and lasting impact.

By implementing our Youth Empowerment and Social Impact through Design programs, Gatehouse Capital aims to guide and support the youth of Kuwait by instilling knowledge, developing their skills and talents, and encouraging them to embrace innovation through empowerment.

Youth Empowerment

Nuqat Cultural Conference

Creating a positive impact on our society is manifested via our investment in the young generation. In this respect, Gatehouse Capital is strongly supportive of Nuqat, a non-profit organization that develops culture through workshops, seminars and cultural events, nurturing curiosity in children and adults. Nuqat's trademark is its annual conference that attracts thousands of participants from all over the world to discuss the creativity in the Arab world today.

Tmkeen Youth Empowerment Conference

Gatehouse Capital supports the Tmkeen’s Youth Empowerment Symposium. Tmkeen is an independent, private, Non-Profit Organization (NPO) & Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes a national initiative delivered from the youth to the youth with a global outreach towards Entrepreneurship Advancements Worldwide.

​Ajar On-Line Start-up

Gatehouse supported Ajar, a start-up cloud service designed for the real estate market. The start-up offered an ingenious new online platform for quick rent payment and free property management. It enables owners to collect rents from buildings the easy way through online payment, thus excluding the middle-man. Gatehouse Capital invested in Ajar by sending the founders to an educational course in California via Brilliant Lab. Ajar is an independent entity with the goal of establishing Kuwait as a regional leader in the invention and development of new products and ventures. To achieve its goal, it uses a multi-disciplinary approach that assists developers by sharpening their focus on productive strategies.

Social Impact and Design

Architectural Symposium

Gatehouse delved deeper in Real Estate for Social Impact endeavor when it introduced the Architectural Symposium in March 2017. During the symposium, local architects spoke about Social Impact and Urban Design as critical components for creating structures that are both visually attractive and functional to what the Kuwait community needed to reach progress in their everyday lives. The symposium managed to spark an essential conversation among local talent, as we believe that designing and investing in a residential accommodation defines an individual, a community and a nation as a whole.


Supporting Local Talent Through Ramadan Gifts

Every year before the month of Ramadan, Gatehouse hosts local designers from all over Kuwait and the Middle East. By providing our support, we enable them to outsource their products and offer them as gifts to clients during the Holy Month of Ramadan. While building strong relationships with the artists and their ideas, Gatehouse develops a compelling story for why each product should be shared with our clients. The story Gatehouse ties to each artist’s concept brings us joy and is of emotional value to our clients, who are thrilled to receive these special Ramadan gifts annually.


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