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Investor Relations

Gatehouse Capital adheres to the most rigorous standards of corporate governance. We are committed to providing timely, accurate and balanced disclosure of all material information related to the investment products we advise.

At Gatehouse Capital we believe that efficient corporate governance is a major factor in our success with shareholders and investors, consolidating the company’s position in the global financial markets.

The company’s management constantly strives to create and maintain strong ties with its shareholders and investors. Corporate governance is a top priority for the company’s strategy.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the strategic management of the company. The Board of Directors sets the strategic path for the senior company management to follow in delegating responsibilities. The Board will fulfill any additional responsibility as required by the articles of association of the company or the laws and regulatory framework applicable in Kuwait.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays a key role in assisting the Board of Directors to fulfill its corporate governance and responsibilities in relation to the company's financial reporting, internal control systems, risk management and audit functions. Gatehouse Capital’s Audit Committee ensures effective controls over its business processes, ensuring they adhere to the company's policies and procedures, as well as to the laws and regulations set by regulatory bodies. The Committee also ensures the accuracy and integrity of the company’s financial statements in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Risk Management Committee

The purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to assist the Board of Directors with the identification, evaluation and mitigation of strategic, operational and external risks. Gatehouse Capital’s Risk Committee has overall responsibility for monitoring and approving the risk management framework and associated practices of the company. The risk management committee is also responsible for reviewing and approving risk disclosure statements in any public documents or disclosures.

Nominations & Remunerations Committee

Gatehouse Capital Nominations and Remunerations Committee is responsible for screening and recommending candidates for the company’s board or board committees, and for selecting and approving candidates for executive positions. The Committee also monitors remunerations and compensations policies with an objective to retain and motivate qualified and skillful staff, and to attract prospective candidates.


Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee consists of a group of directors appointed to act on behalf of and within the powers granted to them by the board of directors. The Committee governs the overall operations of the company including risk management and decision-making processes. The main responsibility of the Executive Committee is to ensure that operations are in line with the decisions delegated by the Board and to translate the approved strategic plan into practical work methods. In addition the committee monitors the investment and credit functions, all with a view to safeguard shareholder and client interests and ensuring alignment with the company’s business strategy.


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